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Ready to live better?

We know all good things need good habits.

That's why we want to encourage you to create

a keystone habit of starting your day off a little better with our speaker. 

Ready for the challenge?

Power of Habit

Power of Music



On your mark! Get set... Listen 


Here is the deal...

We challenge you to listen to your speaker for 10 days.

That's all... Just pay attention to how it makes you feel. No, really. 

Start to notice how that one little change can have an affect on your entire day.

If you commit, we can promise it will have a positive effect on your entire life. 


Pause the music in the shower to find out.

What's your playlist? How are you feeling? Reap the rewards.


"This speaker is too awesome. Every morning I turn it on and it's like a automatic mood switch. Thank you, ev live! 

Chris Contesso

EV LIVE Bluetooth & Waterproof Speaker

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